Senior Ava Ramos starts jewelry business

Elliana Carter, Reporter

Many during high school try out different paths for themselves. For some, high school is a time to experiment and let their creativity run free. One example of this is senior Ava Ramos. She recently started the business avanoellenoutique during quarantine. It started small, on Instagram. Quickly, through the support of friends and family, the page grew and continues to grow.

Ava drew her inspiration from other small businesses she saw. When she first started, she was working at a craft store, made a pair for herself and realized selling some would be a great idea. Her business is making and selling jewelry.

“I make and sell: earrings, necklaces, anklets, and bracelets,” Ramos said. “Nothing crazy, but it keeps me busy!”

Ramos has plans to expand her products in the future. She hinted at some new earrings she plans to release. She also mentioned how she would love to own a boutique when she is older.

Ava makes no mistake that owning a small business is hard work.

“It’s more than I thought it would be!” Ramos said. “The time it takes to make the orders varies; after that, I package up all my orders and try to mail them out around 10-20 at a time.”

She encourages others wanting to start a small business in high school.

“Have a plan, start small, and expand based on demand,” she said, “Understand this is time out of your day and a commitment. Sometimes orders are just slow, it’s temporary. Most importantly, know all that matters is your happiness and that paycheck.”

Go check out her Instagram and her Etsy pages!