Judson Greer commits to North Carolina


Elliana Carter, Reporter

Anyone who has watched Melissa’s track and cross country teams has heard of senior Judson Greer. Just recently, he won his third UIL State Championship in cross country. It is apparent that he is destined to go somewhere great.

Originally, Greer reached out to the assistant coach at the University of North Carolina (UNC), Coach Sorensen, his sophomore year. At the time, he was assistant coach at Stanford. Not long after Greer contacted Sorensen, he found out that the head coach, Chris Miltenberg, would be leaving and taking the majority of his team to UNC. Coach Sorensen reached out to Greer again not long after their transfer and explained how although they were at a new school, they were still interested in him.

“I was a bit skeptical at first because UNC was not somewhere I had initially been considering,” Greer explained, “but after learning more about it and talking with Coach Milt on the phone for the first time, I knew there was something very special about Carolina.”

Greer’s whole recruiting process was greatly disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of the pandemic, no coaches were allowed to make any official in-person visits. These visits and tours are when the prospective athletes learn the most about the college and the program.

“Despite not getting my official visits or getting to visit any other college,” Greer said, “ I had become confident that UNC would be the right fit for me, especially due to the great relationship I had formed with the coaches.”

Greer also expressed how while the pandemic made the recruiting process difficult, he is thankful it didn’t have any serious impacts on the wellbeing of his family and friends.

Greer received a scholarship to UNC and celebrated his official virtual signing at home with some family. He wasn’t able to participate in the official in-person signing day due to a cross country meet.

“I am most excited to have teammates to do my runs and workouts with,” Greer said. “Running alone can be nice at times, but it becomes much easier and more fun when you have friends there with you. In college I will have people better than me to push me each day at practice.”

Overall, this senior is destined to continue his path in Track and Cross Country at the University of North Carolina next year. He leaves with a message of encouragement to those who are considering following their dreams to college athletics:

“Work hard and dedicate yourself to your sport. Don’t be afraid to reach out to coaches yourself. Even if you’re very good, don’t always wait for the schools to come to you. Every college roster will have the coach’s name and email, so don’t be afraid to reach out and let them know about you and your interest!”