‘Positions’ Review

Ariana Grande breaks records with new album

Elliana Carter, Reporter

Ariana Grande is a high-ranking artist known to most. Her last album Thank U, Next topped the charts, riding with 12 songs off the album in the top 100. Now, her latest album, Positions broke her personal record with 14 songs in the top 100. These new leaps launch her into new heights as a female artist.

The EP’s namesake song “Positions” hit the number one spot the week it was released, with it ranking number two the following week. This gave Ariana her 18th top 10 song of her career, tying with Beyoncé as the eighth most among female artists.

The 14 songs trending in the top 100 put Grande at a total of 66 top 100 songs, ranking her as the fourth among women just after Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj.

Here is a list of those 14 songs with their current rankings:

  • No. 2, “Positions”
  • No. 8, “34+35”
  • No. 32, “Motive,” feat. Doja Cat
  • No. 35, “Off the Table,” feat. The Weeknd
  • No. 40, “POV”
  • No. 43, “Just Like Magic”
  • No. 47, “Shut Up”
  • No. 49, “Nasty”
  • No. 52, “Safety Net,” feat. Ty Dolla $ign
  • No. 63, “Six Thirty”
  • No. 65, “My Hair”
  • No. 70, “Obvious”
  • No. 71, “West Side”
  • No. 75, “Love Language”

While I am not personally a huge fan of Ariana Grande, her last album Thank U, Next really changed my opinion of her music. I didn’t seek this new album out, rather stumbling onto “Positions” and “34+35” in my YouTube recommendations. Once I heard both of these new songs, I fell in love and immediately put them on loop. Upon listening to the rest of the album, I agree with many that this album is once again another hit.

Breaking down some of my personal favorites and misses on the album, we’ll start with the wins, starting with the EP’s namesake, “Positions” itself.


  • “Positions”–Absolutely my favorite song on the whole album. I am not a huge fan of Ariana and I was obsessed with this song for days, playing it on repeat–so catchy and still in love with this song. The whole song will have you singing it for days, with the lyrics “Switchin’ the positions for you. Cookin’ in the kitchen and I’m in the bedroom” will be stuck in your head on repeat.
  • “34+35”–This song is my second favorite on the album. I would say this is more adult than any of her other music. Often she sticks to more…obscure references but this song is very direct in its meaning. I think this song shows how her music style is changing along with her audience. Her audience used to be younger, now most of them are in their later teens.
  • “Obvious”–I had actually skipped past this song at first but ended up liking it a lot when I finally took the time to listen to it. Quickly it became one of my favorites on the album. The jazzy background to this song makes it smooth and catchy.


  • “Motive (ft Doja Cat)”–I like Doja Cat a lot and was excited for a feature but I feel like she wasn’t used to her full ability. She did one verse, that wasn’t even her rapping, which was slightly disappointing. Overall, I felt like they could have done more.
  • “Nasty”- kinda an explicit filler song. It says what she means but it’s kinda tasteless–just dirty lyrics and a catchy beat.
    “Off the Table (ft The Weeknd),” “Six Thirty,” “Safety Net (ft Ty Dolla $ign),” “West Side,” “Love Language”–all felt very similar and somewhat monotone. They blend easily together when listening to the album, which I feel is like a common theme in many of Ariana’s albums

And the in-betweens

  • “Pov”– I like the chorus of this song a lot; I like the meaning of it a lot. It also blew up on TikTok as a trend. The slower beat is a nice change in the album.
  • “My Hair”–This song explains her journey with her hair since her starring on Victorious and having to dye her hair bright red, which caused serious health issues. She mentions how it’s often tracks but she doesn’t care because she just wants that basic connection. I enjoy how she connected her struggles so clearly into a song.
  • “Just Like Magic”–Upon the first couple of listens, I found this sound very braggy. At first it sounds like she’s claiming how she’s so pretty and everything comes to her, but upon reading the lyrics, you can see how it’s really her working hard to earn what she wants.
  • “Shut Up”–the lyrics are pretty repetitive but catchy. The song is fairly short but gets the point across that she doesn’t need any man to tell her anything.