Bronco’s QB Quandary

Hinton steps up to lead team in match against Saints


Elliana Carter, Reporter

COVID-19 has affected every single aspect of life and professional sports are no exception. On Sunday, the Broncos had to play their game against the Saints without a single quarterback. How on earth did a professional team end up without such an important player?

It all started when the Broncos’s backup quarterback tested positive for COVID the Thursday before the game, and their other three quarterbacks were deemed to have had close contact with him the Friday night before the game. They were unable to sign another person to fill in because of other COVID protocols in place.

The team had to place wide receiver Kendall Hinton as their quarterback after their request to have their offensive quality control coach for the past two years, Rob Calabrese, play. The NFL denied this request due to the fact they don’t want teams to hide talent in their coaching staff. The NFL also repeatedly refused their request to push the game back to Tuesday. Unsurprisingly, the Broncos lost to the Saints, 31-3.

Despite the final score, “Hinton received an outpouring of praise and respect from his teammates, opponents, and peers across the NFL, as well as fans and media alike,” according to Sports Illustrated.

Unfortunately, the league now is being investigated for suspicions of not properly following the COVID protocols. If found guilty, the Broncos could face some serious consequences. Overall, this season, even in professional sports, is a time of firsts for everyone.