National Hug Day: January 21

Jaci Seale, Reporter

As of March 2020 the world sort of flipped on its head. Through all that is evil and vicious in humanity, this war of a virus somewhat stole our might including our only true weapon–physical touch, the gentle comfort of a finger, gone.

January 21 is one day to celebrate unity in our kind. It is National Hug Day, but sadly we are discouraged from hugging during this global pandemic.

The origin of this day dates back to 1986 by a man named Kevin Zaborney. In Zaborney’s eyes humanity is low on spirits after the hectic holiday season, which led him into picking January 21st for National Hug Day.

The simple act of hugging another human being causes hormones that bring upon the sensation of relaxation and happiness. This hormone is called oxytocin. It is scientifically proven that this hormone in the body has the power of lowering depression symptoms and helping to improve confidence in oneself.

Teens rely on physical touch to tell powerful words when the mouth is too weak to mumble.

“ A hug is an amazing thing. It is the perfect way to show the love we feel but cannot find the words to express to the other person,” poet Johnny Ray Ryder said.

It is scientifically proven that the average person needs a minimum of seven hugs on a daily basis.

Although we are facing a new battle known as COVID-19, hug the ones you love. We may have to practice social distance, but wrap your arms around those close to your heart.