Teaching from the Other Side

CTE teacher Lisa Hall educates students virtually during ongoing pandemic

Rozleyn Brown, Reporter

Being a teacher is already a difficult task, especially during times like this. Dollars & Sense and accounting teacher Lisa Hall is educating her students virtually this year.

“Working from home has been necessary for me, but not really harder or easier,” Hall said. “I had to find ways to do things differently and it’s been a learning experience.”

With the help of other teachers and the cooperation of students, Hall is able to do all that she needs to do for her students.

“The entire staff at Melissa is awesome,” she said. “I’m very thankful for Doug Bingman’s daily support and to the rest of the staff that stop by to say hi, sub in my room, and find creative ways to do things, etc.”

Being a teacher has its rewards. Teachers thrive off students’ responses and relations with the topic being taught.

“My number one enjoyment is being with my kids, always!” Hall said.

Yes, teachers love the interaction with students, however, because of different circumstances this may not always be what’s happening. COVID-19 has caused many to worry and panic but students should accept the fact that there are teachers who have been doing all they can and sacrificing their safety for their students.

Next time you walk by a classroom or teacher, make sure to thank them for all they do!