Bernie Sanders memes spark joy worldwide


Elliana Carter, Reporter

President Joe Biden’s inauguration was monumental on so many levels. It swept the nation by storm with the many events of that day. The first female Vice President (and the first black one), Kamala Harris, was installed into office, and for the first time in 150 years, the outgoing President, Donald J. Trump, didn’t attend the inauguration. The outfits worn by all the ladies swept through social media like wildfire–the monochromatic looks killing it.

But the ladies’ fashion weren’t the only outfits sweeping social media. Senator Bernie Sanders’s apparel quickly made its rounds, but for different reasons. People commented on how his outfit looked as if he had scheduled the inauguration in the middle of a busy day. One comment even said, “I’ll drop by Joe’s thing for a little while,” comparing it to a casual house party.

Everyone found his medical issue disposable mask and unique mittens adorable. Later, people soon found out his mittens were made of recycled plastic bottles gifted to him by a teacher.

Soon, people began to make memes out of this, like most things these days. This started the trend which sparked Sanders being photoshopped into various pictures and iconic scenes in movies and shows. Every fandom from Star Wars to Bird Box has participated.

While it may just be a little joke, the Bernie mittens memes have sparked joy for millions of people worldwide.