Biden makes big plans for first 100 days

Saher Asifi, Reporter

As of Wed., Jan. 20, former vice president Joe Biden was inaugurated as the 46th President of the United States. Senator Kamala Harris was also inaugurated becoming America’s first female and black vice president.

Before Biden was inaugurated, he was preparing and planning out what he would be doing in situations such as the pandemic, climate change, education, and many more. Since taking the oath of office, President Biden signed the Paris Climate Agreement, rejoined the World Health Organization, introduced an immigration bill, and mandated masks. Even though Biden has already signed a record number of executive orders in just one to two weeks, there is still much more work that he is planning to do during his time in office.

To begin with, Biden is focusing on the aspects of making public universities and community colleges free of tuition for families that have an income of no more than $125,000, so students would be able to further their education without having to worry about their current financial situation, along with reducing the chances of facing a large amount of debt from student loans.

Aside from education and college tuition, climate change is a hot topic as it is starting to become gradually worse due to pollution, wildfires, natural disasters, and littering. Because of this, President Biden will plan to give more attention to climate change and find ways to improve the situation.

Campaign secretary Jamal Brown informed us on the executive actions that have been initiated by President Biden himself. Some of these executive actions that are going to be pursued are lowering the greenhouse gas emissions from transportation, reducing the extinction rates, protecting the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, and many more.

Let’s not forget about the first 100 Days Plan. As President Biden has arranged, the number of drive-thru testing sites will be doubled and at-home tests will be available for all citizens. Another idea that President Biden hopes to accomplish for the pandemic is to distribute 100 million vaccines during these first 100 days, free from payment for U.S. residents.

As for the economic recovery, the $1.9 trillion Covid-19 relief plan has also been proposed. According to sources, $25 billion will be for vaccinations, and $1,400 stimulus checks will be handed out to taxpayers making less than $75,000.

By the 100th day, Biden’s team is hoping to have schools throughout the nation safely re-opened, as well, as many are still closed since last March.