St. Jude’s patients to receive electronic valentines

Rozleyn Brown, Reporter

St. Jude’s receives thousands of cards each year. Why not be one of the thousands that sends a card to a brave patient? St. Jude’s child-patients are fighting a constant battle every day. But, with just a few words in a Valentine’s Day Card, you can help make their day so much brighter.

Valentine’s Day is not just about the cards and candy you get from another person; it’s about the love you have for another and it is a day you can show your appreciation for them. St Jude’s children are loved and appreciated and with your help they can feel that love just a little more. Due to COVID-19, St Jude’s Children’s Hospital is asking for Valentine’s Day cards to be sent in electronically so that it minimizes interaction with the patients.

Although this is a new way of sending a patient a card and gifts, the importance has not changed. By sending gifts, cards and donations, it ensures the patients and their parents that they should never have to focus on paying the bills when their loved ones are hurting. Your donations and kind words allow these families to feel a little more at peace every day.

Send a card today: Bring hope to hurting families.