Groundhog predicts more winter weather

Rozleyn Brown, Reporter

Punxsutawney Phil, the beloved groundhog that has been known for his shadowy predictions every Feb. 2, emerged earlier this month and predicted the outcome for winter to continue for the next six weeks.

According to an LiveScience online, Phil has only had an accuracy of 36% since 1969. Although he may not always be accurate, we use the groundhog to predict the weather in a fun way.

The use of groundhogs to “predict the future” dates back to 1887. This ongoing tradition is something Pennsylvanians look forward to every year. Although everyone does not like the results, Phil sure does like to see everybody!

So keep those swimsuits in the drawers a while longer and leave out the coats because we still have six more weeks of winter–and, boy, was Phil right this year as we just lived through a historical winter storm here in Texas!