New fine arts facility opens, welcomes students


Jaci Seale, Reporter

Recently, Melissa High School opened its brand-new Melissa Arts Center (MAC). Melissa, as a community, is thrilled to welcome a place ready to be filled with memories. The complex expansion includes a second band hall, a choir hall, percussion room, practice rooms, a wood shop, a 1,000-seat performance hall, art rooms, and multiple bathrooms, offices and lockers. The doors have opened and are already welcoming faces of the future.

Students like Kyah Wells, Stella Rose, and the entire theatre program opened the performance hall by showcasing their musical Curtains for students and staff members. Wells and other theatre members were the first of many to walk the halls of the new MAC.

“Breathtaking is the only word that comes to mind when I think of that spacious place,” supporting cast member Kyah Wells said. “I hope this building upholds the beauty of Melissa and that friendships grow along with the future of our fine arts department.”

Theatre’s performance of Curtains opened the 1,000-seat performance hall.

On the first days, students walked the halls and admired its profound beauty.

“It was such a beautiful sight,” student Stella Rose said.

Rose walked in the first week of opening with her family and the theatre department. Although there was still construction in certain sections, Rose was more than impressed.

“Walking in gave me a sense of gratitude and [I was] amazed at what our school was given,” she said.

All together, Melissa, along with its residents, are more than proud to make memories and brighter smiles in the new structure of the city. One event completed, many more to come, along with long-lived years.