Bieber encourages teens with lyrics


Jaci Seale, Reporter

Students rely on song and melody as an escape, music is like a therapist who understands the patient better than the patient knows oneself. For example, songwriter and performer Justin Bieber released a new album Justice on March 19, 2021. With every replay, students relate raw emotions from lyric to lyric.

I need you to hold on
Heaven is a place not too far away
We all know I should be the one
To say we all make mistakes,
Take my hand and hold on
Tell me everything that you need to say
‘Cause I know how it feels to be someone
Feels to be someone who loses their way

Justin Bieber – “Hold On”

Justin has been in the spotlight since he was young, as young as 15. He uses his platform as an outlet for lost teenagers because he used to be one himself.

“You can not fly unless you let yourself fall,” Bieber said.

He has lived a life filled with pain and sorrow, but in every lyric of a handwritten song, the ear hears a sense of pure enlightenment.

“Life is a journey, sometimes a battle, totally unexpected,” Bieber said. “Sometimes we focus on the destination, and forget to focus on that journey. But when you fall, it allows you to get up stronger, it allows you to not lean on your own understanding. Give into faith, believe in something bigger than yourself, and find your purpose.”
Justin is an inspiration to all who read between the lines, those who watched him find the dominant path to light, and all who understand pain and overcoming.

“I admire his story along with his music,” sophomore Lindsay Anderson said. “The way he relates his past in his songs, new and old. I admire him as a beautiful human. A human who understands that we make mistakes and betters his ways because of that.“

Bieber has touched many lives through lyrics, Anderson says.

“I cannot wait to see what story will be told next.”

Altogether, Bieber’s newly released album has students heartfelt and understanding that their indescribable feelings are seen. And, artists like him make students clearly know that it is completely normal to feel such feelings, it is just a part of growing and maturing. Just “Hold On” for the ride.