Minecraft update to drop this summer



Kendall Meziere-Abbott, Reporter

Minecraft has been a fun, enjoyable game for kids of all ages for a decade. When Minecraft was first released in 2011, the majority of players were young children who have now grown to be in high school and college, so when Minecraft made a statement saying that the game was being updated in summer of 2021, the news blew up on social media. Teenagers, kids, and even adults all around the world are anxiously waiting for the update to come. The question is: what makes this update so exciting for all these people?

Although 2011 was only 10 years ago, the animation and level of difficulty of many games has changed drastically. Minecraft was first a block game, made up of simple tasks like creating fun buildings and exploring the server; however, the game now has different settings, more blocks to choose from, animals, and even new mobs.

The new update that is coming this summer includes what many young adults have been asking for, a cave update. The Minecraft team has put out teasers, pictures, and videos that keeps players on their toes for the update to come. It will include new cave builds, new mountain builds, new mobs, and many new blocks and tools.

On popular social media platforms, players have been asking for this update for months, maybe even years and the time has finally come.