Taylor still inspires teens with lyrics



Jaci Seale, Reporter

Students use music as a guide throughout their own complex minds. Lyrics and melodies serve as an escape from all that is cruel and confusing in this world. Songwriter and natural performer Taylor Alison Swift released a new version of her hit album Fearless on April 9, 2021, which proves that finding a way back to old roots is only known as “normal.”

I took a chance, I took a shot
And you might think I’m bulletproof but I’m not
You took a swing, I took it hard
And down here from the ground, I see who you are

I’m sick and tired of your attitude
I’m feeling like I don’t know you

–Taylor Swift, “Tell Me Why,” original Fearless album

The tone in the lyrics “I am sick and tired of your attitude, I am feeling like I do not know you” seems Swift is speaking in her own mind about losing herself in another. She channels such deepened emotions in her “stories” because she takes the time to create a personal connection with every beat, every lyric.

There are two ways you can get through pain,” Swift said. “You can let it destroy you, or you can use it as fuel to drive you; to dream bigger and work harder.”

She has created a beautiful life for herself through all the hardships and heartache. She is not ashamed of the fact that even the brightest spotlights fade the brightest stars. Although she lost a piece of her 15-year-old self in the light, she is brighter than she ever has been.

“I want to be known for having a beautiful life, but that does not mean that everything has to be good all the time,” Taylor said.

The musician has and will always be an inspiration to all who aspire to be in the music industry because of the fact that she not only evolved her music with the timeline of music itself, but she also had so much passion for her career she evolved herself along the way. As a reward for her sacrifice, Swift broke The Beatles’ 54-year record as her Fearless Remix debuted at number one. The music industry will never be the same.

“She has been an inspiration for me because through all her music career she stayed true to what her heart wants, in country or pop music, she stayed Taylor, and I stayed a Swift fan alongside her,” student and long-term fan Stella Rose said. “Her lyrics have a way to tell a story, the same way I want to portray a story through acting. I want to reflect her sense of confidence on stage. She has helped me stay true to my colors through my childhood ages up ‘til now.”

In the end, Swift has made a name for herself and her masterpieces. And her updated version of her second album released in her career only showcases the beautiful, mature artist she has blossomed into. Her followers and fans are “fearless” about what the future brings for Taylor.