Students sign up for finals exemptions

Rozleyn Brown, Co-Editor-in-Chief

As the school year is ending, students are preparing for finals week. In-person students are being given the opportunity to be exempt from one or more final exams depending on their grade level:

  • Freshmen – 1 exemption
  • Sophomores – 2 exemptions
  • Juniors – 3 exemptions
  • Seniors – 4 exemptions

In order for students to be exempt from a final, they must have an 85 or above average for the semester in the class and the class must be a full credit course (not a one-semester only course). Furthermore, students must have no ISS, OSS, or DAEP placements for the second semester and owe no fines. Exemptions are optional and if students chooses to not exempt from a final to better their grade, this will not affect them in a negative way.

Students’ English teachers should have passed out exemption forms on May 13. If you have not received the form, make sure to ask your English teacher. The deadline to turn in the exemption request form is Wed., May 20. Students must also get a teacher signature and parent/guardian signature to validate the form.

Students will have two final exams each day starting on May 24. After completion of the second exam each day, with permission forms and transportation, students may leave campus. Those permission forms will be distributed on Mon., May 17.

All in-person students are required to come to campus EACH day next week at 8:35 a.m. and report to their 3rd period teacher regardless of whether they are exempt or not. There will be a brief third period class each morning before students are dismissed to take their two final exams for that day.

All in-person students MUST take their final exams in person, as well. They will not be permitted to take their exams remotely.

All virtual students will be required to take semester exams. Exemptions do not apply to virtual learners.

For more information regarding exemptions and finals, visit: