TikTok trend leads to nationwide school vandalism

TikTok trend leads to nationwide school vandalism


Victor Vela, Reporter

The TikTok trend known as “Devious Licks” has been causing vandalism and theft in schools throughout the nation since this new school year began. School officials are considering this to be destruction of property, which can involve criminal charges, as reported by USA Today.

MHS has not escaped from this viral trend. Students are now being encouraged to give information about other students who have participated in this vandalism. This destructive behavior is the main reason why Mega Lunch has yet to start on campus.

“The TikTok trend ‘Devious Licks’ has been less than enjoyable for teachers especially,” English teacher Alexandria Whorton said. “This trend that has hit our campus is completely senseless and harmful. We are so blessed at Melissa to have such pristine facilities, and to watch our own students tear them apart is very disheartening. It goes completely against all of the core values that we teach our students and model on a daily basis.”

After receiving a lot of criticism and bad publicity, TikTok banned all devious licks videos. Users who posted the trend were banned and their videos were taken down. A new TikTok trend called “Angelic Yield” started shortly after the ban encouraging students to give back to those who were vandalized.