Appreciating our Band Parents

Kayla Galbreath, Staff Writer

The Mighty Cardinal Band parents have a huge impact on the band. Without the support and help from our parents, the band would not be as successful as they are right now.

The parents are always willing to help the band when they are in need of something. If we, the band, need something, we just ask our parents and they are always willing to go and get it for us. “Band parents are always keeping us in check when band directors are not around. They always give us food, and they are lovely, ¨ Jr. Kayla Mayfield said.

Whenever we feel sick or get hurt they are always willing to help us get better in any way possible. They want to make sure that we are in tip-top shape, so that way we are able to perform. The parents help us so that we do not feel like we are being rushed. “They teach us that it is not over when we lose, it is over when we give up. That is why band parents are there to pick us up.” Breanna Palmer, sophomore of MHS commented.

They are always providing us with food, water and snacks. If they did not do this then we would be hungry, and would possibly become dehydrated. When we do not have any food, they are always willing to to go out and get us some food that way we do not starve. “The hamburgers that they made for us are the best!” Matt Brown, sophomore of MHS mentioned.

Band parents are there to help us with our ups and downs, wins or losses. They are there for us whenever we need them the most. They are there to support us, cheer for us, and help in any way possible. “Melissa has the best band parents in the world, always there to build, cook, sew, serve, perform first-aid, give encouragement, night or day they are there, whatever it takes for our children.” said Mrs. Fender, band parent of MHS.

During the last home football game, the parents were even award ‘section of the week.’ We appreciate our band parents more than anyone can put into words to explain.