Spider-Man returns to theaters Dec. 17

Spider-Man returns to theaters Dec. 17


Abbie Chaloupka, Co-Editor-in-Chief


Marvel phase four will continue with the release of “Spider-Man: No Way Home.” The movie is set to release in theaters only on Dec. 17, 2021. After the trailer premiered, many theories on how the film will play out have emerged. One of the most famous predictions in the movie is that the Dr. Strange seen in the trailer is a variant.

In the Disney+ original, “Loki,” we learn a lot about the multiverse and its variants. Many believe this because they think that the Dr. Strange they know and love would not just erase everyone’s memories so willingly. A variant would be a different Dr. Strange from another timeline that could be a villain that wants to sabotage Peter Parker.

Based on the trailer, we also know that Spider-Man will conflict with the classic character Doc Ock. He was first seen in Spider-Man Two. Although he was a part of the Sinister Six in the Amazing Spider-Man, Alfred Molina will be returning solo as Doc Ock, or possibly with the rest of the Sinister Six. Fans are not sure how he will fit into this movie, but with Marvel being open to the idea of multiple universes, the opportunities are endless.

In the end credits scene of “Venom,” viewers also see that Venom is called to Peter in the same way he is called to Eddie. Once again, fans do not know how Venom and Eddie will have a role in this movie, or if they will for sure. However, based on the end credits scene, it is safe to assume that they will play a role in the Spider-Man Universe. Followers do not know if Venom will help or hinder Peter in his mission to erase the knowledge that he is Spider-Man or defeat Doc Ock.

Overall, “Spider-Man: No Way Home” has many open ends and fan theories, but audience members know that they will see Peter’s internal conflict while trying to decide to erase his friend’s memories and the physical conflict between Spider-Man and Doc Ock and possibly the others. They may also see an appearance from Venom or see the multiverse come into play.