[Editorial] Students should attend MegaLunch clubs, tutorials

Coleman Hicks, Reporter

On Oct. 12, “MegaLunch” returned to MHS. MegaLunch is a system where students have an hour to eat lunch, attend clubs or tutorials, study or do homework, and socialize with other students. Students are responsible for setting their own schedule daily. They are expected to attend at least two club meetings per week.

With MegaLunch now having been in place for a significant amount of time, some students still have not been able to get the full MegaLunch experience. While some people do attend clubs and tutorials, others choose to remain eating and do not participate in any of the activities provided. Though they go to mandatory tutorials, many students do not attend any clubs, nor do they take the initiative to go to voluntary tutorials.

MegaLunch is only able to work when students are independent and decide for themselves what they want to do with the time they are allotted, but when students decide to do nothing, it leaves the school with the question of “why keep MegaLunch?” If students continue lazing about, the school will see no purpose in keeping the MegaLunch policy.

To prevent this, students should push themselves to attend clubs, as well as tutorials, even if they initially dislike them, because eventually they will find something they enjoy. Additionally, they can improve their grades using tutorials. Furthermore, they can enjoy social interactions that they themselves push themselves to pursue.

In conclusion, Cardinals, get involved so MegaLunch can continue. Find a fun club and focus on improving those grades!