[Opinion] Tips, tricks for annual holiday shopping



Saher Asifi, Editor

It’s a few days until Christmas, and it’s that time of year in which people are looking for the perfect Christmas gift. Unfortunately, most people spend most of their money on Christmas presents, and they won’t have enough money for things such as a car, house, payments, or emergency purposes. On the other hand, low-income families have a hard time not spending too much money for the holidays and sometimes can’t even find a good Christmas gift.

One way people can save money for Christmas shopping is by budgeting. Sometimes it is hard to keep track when money is continuously spent on everybody else’s Christmas presents. To prevent overspending in the future, individuals can limit how much they should spend for each person.

Another way people can save their holiday savings this year is by making personal gifts. Making your own gifts can be very special, memorable, and valuable to the other person. Some outstanding examples of making a gift for somebody else can be knitting a sweater, baking cookies, or creating holiday mugs or tile coasters.

Besides making gifts and setting up a budgeting plan, people can earn a little bit of money by selling some old items. Some websites allow you to sell some of your stuff, such as Amazon, eBay, Rakuten, and many more. Not only will individuals be making their own money when selling online, but they will also be helping out other people purchasing anything that they might have struggled to find.

All of these techniques can be easy to save up money and save time on finding the perfect Christmas gift.

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