[Opinion] Holiday gift ideas for loved ones

[Opinion] Holiday gift ideas for loved ones


Rozleyn Brown and Saher Asifi

The holiday season is here, and it can be almost impossible to figure out what gifts to ask for or give to others. Christmas is often a stressful time of year to buy presents for loved ones due to the fact that it can be hard to find the perfect gift. Finding a perfect gift can be hard because of the uncertainty of their likes and dislikes. Most children when looking for gifts for their parents struggle; however, here are some helpful ways to ensure the perfect gift for them.

If your parents love to cook and like to try new recipes, then a cookbook would be a perfect Christmas gift to buy for them. Every day, so many new and creative recipes are made, and there are over thousands of recipes out there. Aside from getting a cookbook for them for Christmas, another holiday gift suggestion for parents can be a Scrabble board. If your family loves to have a game night, then a Scrabble board is a perfect way to get along with one another and to show off your vocabulary skills.

However, it can also be very difficult to find the perfect gift for children because trends are always changing. According to an online survey, the Sony SRX-XB01 Portable Bluetooth Speaker is the number one gift idea for teenage boys this Christmas. The perfect gift for a teen girl almost always seems to be skincare/makeup, concert tickets, and shoes. Most teenage girls are given one or two pairs of trending shoes.

Some gift ideas for friends could be some AirPods or a holiday mug. If your friend is a fan of coffee and tea, then a cute idea to add with a holiday mug could be tea packages and coffee ingredients. This would be a perfect gift idea for this annual winter weather.

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