[Opinion] Students saddened by loss of Betty White and Bob Saget


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Rozleyn Brown, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Hollywood and the entire world recently lost two great comedians, and many are grieving over their loss. Betty White passed on Dec. 31, 2021, at age 99 with her 100 birthday only 17 days away. It seems that she had suffered a mild stroke just six days before her death.

While fans were still in shock over Betty White’s passing, again on Jan. 9, fans received more shocking news with the sudden passing of 65-year-old Bob Saget. He had just returned to the comedy circuit and had just finished a stand-up comedy show in Florida when he was found dead in his hotel room hours later.

Betty White is famously known for her role as Rose Nylund from the “Golden Girls” TV series and her many other works, such as “The Proposal” and voices in the “Toy Story 4” movie and “The Lorax.” Betty White was full of talent and was always filled with vibrant energy. Many grew to love her with every television screen she was on and anytime she would make a public appearance.

Bob Saget, who also was very well known, was a successful actor and stand-up comedian. Bob Saget became a huge success after his role as Danny Tanner in the 1987 sitcom “Full House.” Bob played the widowed father of three young girls; his brother-in-law Jessie and his best friend Joey moved in with him to help raise his daughters. The show was a huge success with each episode portraying a valuable lesson the daughters had to learn with help of family and friends. The cast just recently reunited to make a reboot of the show called “Fuller House.”

Both of these deaths were sudden and left many lost for words. Although many are grateful for the life Betty White had with her 99 years, many are saddened that Bob Saget was still young and  had many years of life ahead of him.

MHS students expressed their sadness through contribution posts on their socials and conversations they with fellow students about both of these tragedies.

“The loss of Betty White positively affected me because she lived her life to the fullest and went out peacefully,” junior Yalda Rasoulnejad said. “Bob Saget was more negative towards me because I grew up with him because of his role in ‘Full House.’ He went out more tragically only at the age of 65 when he had more years to live,” Yalda added.

Although these both of these deaths were surprising, many are sending love to the family and friends and the many actors, producers, and others with whom they both worked.