Students travel during holiday break

Senior Brooke Dillashaw Poses in NYC.

Abbie Chaloupka, Co-Editor-in-Chief

This year Cardinals were busy over winter break. Many students got popular gifts and even traveled far during their time off.

“My favorite gift I received was a Taylor Swift ‘Red’ vinyl,” junior Leslie Bauslaugh said. “She is one of my favorite artists, and I really wanted this vinyl.”

A few students even went to a tropical location to ring in the new year.

“I traveled to Turks and Caicos for New Year, and it was amazing,” junior Stella Rose said. “My family and I went 10 years ago, so it was so fun to think back on everything that’s happened, not to mention the island was beautiful.”

While some students escaped the cold in Turks and Caicos, others traveled up north for the holidays.

“Over Christmas break, I got to go to New York City,” senior Brooke Dillashaw said. “I love New York; it is one of my favorite places. We tried to see some Broadway shows, but they all got shut down. We still had a lot of fun, and we got to visit Cornelia Street, which is where Taylor Swift used to live.”

While many students traveled over break, some stayed home and participated in events nearby.

“I did some New Year cleaning and decorated my room while listening to ABBA,” sophomore Hanyya Khan said. “I went to several holiday lights with my aunt and uncle in Fort Worth, which were also enthralling.”

Additionally, some students opted to spend the break with friends at home.

“I got my hair done, I made a Build-a-Bear, I baked cookies, and I had New Year’s Eve with my friends,” senior Isabella Vanggaard said.