Cardinals of the Week: Feb.28- March.4

Rozleyn Brown, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Melissa High School is continuing to honor students and faculty members that display the core values on a consistent basis. Each week one student and one staff member will be spotlighted and awarded a certificate and some treats. The staff member will also be presented with a “traveling trophy.”

The Student Cardinal of the Week is junior Vincent Thomas.

Vincent was nominated by Ms. Slentz who had this to say, “Vincent always has a positive attitude, and I can always count on him to contribute to class, not only academically, but also to make others smile when asking them how their weekend was, what your favorite movie is, or have you seen this.  He even thinks I am funny! Vincent has the ability to think quickly in problem-solving and always pushes himself to ensure his success. He is not shy about asking for help, but most of the time figures out his question mid-sentence, once he allows himself to break down the difficult concept. I tell him all the time that I think he would make an amazing teacher because he is always excited about learning something new and he creates a sense of community with his peers in my classroom. I truly feel honored to have Vincent as a student this year!”

Ms. Slentz presents the Student of the Week award to junior Vincent Thomas.

The Teacher Cardinal of the Week is Ms. Amanda Birinyi

Ms. Birinyi was nominated by Slentz who had this to say, “There is no question in my mind that Amanda Birinyi is a fantastic teacher and completely deserving of Teacher of the Week! What the majority of us do not see is the countless hours, after school and on weekends, that she is putting in to ensure her current case kids are being successful. Amanda easily builds relationships with her students and their parents. She is not doing it for the prestige, but she has a passion to see these students be the best that they can be, even outside of the walls of MHS, because great teachers are there to help show the way. I know that she loves her role, loves being with and teaching her students, and couldn’t begin to imagine doing anything else. Amanda, you are meant to teach children. I see you, Amanda Birinyi; I truly admire you and value your friendship; thank you for setting an amazing example for all of us teachers to follow!”

Ms. Slentz passes the Teacher of the Week trophy to Ms. Amanda Birinyi.