Teacher Spotlight: Matt Nally

Head football coach finds passion as mentor for players, staff


Hallie Hendrickson

Coach Nally gives a post-game talk after varsity beat North Dallas 73-20.

Coleby Milam, Reporter

Coach Matt Nally is the boy’s athletic head coach but mainly focuses on the football season.

“Starting the profession and the enthusiasm to climb the ladder and help others” made it an excellent choice to become a coach, he said.

At first, Coach Nally was interested in becoming a preacher for a church or even a doctor for a small amount of time.

“For me personally, seeing kids grow into young men and be successful in anything they do helped the idea of becoming a coach,” Nally said.

Once Coach Nally made it to high school, he met Scott Franks, and this man taught Nally almost everything he knows about coaching with a little bit from another man named Mike Maddox. After high school, Nally went to the University of North Texas for his college education.

Nally believes that the program is very important and one thing that would help it would be to teach the younger coaches things that are more difficult to learn but still very important.

He would love to see another state championship in the next five years in the Melissa football program’s future and possibly have a few more in the next 10 years.

At this point, he would personally love to play football again but sadly can’t with all of his injuries from his past.

“College is my favorite [sport] to watch because professional sports are not as interesting,” Nally said.

He watches anything from football to the Winter Olympics. His favorite sport is whatever is in season at the time, but he especially loves football and baseball.