MLB returns after 90-day lockout



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Diego Hernandez, Reporter

Baseball has finally returned after a 99-day wait since it was initially locked down by the Major League Baseball (MLB) organization commissioner Rob Manfred. This is the second longest amount of time in which MLB has been postponed since the 1944-1945 strike held by players which lasted 232 days.

The Major League Baseball Player Association (MLBPA) reached an agreement with the MLB organization for a five-year deal on March 10, 2022. With Opening Day starting on April 7, every MLB team is set to play a full 162 season in 2022.

With the return of MLB, changes arrive with it. The biggest issue behind the lockout was the desire for a better salary by players. For previous seasons, the minimum salary was $570,000, making it the lowest minimum salary of the four major sports–NBA, MLB, NFL, and NHL. With the new agreement, however, the minimum salary will be set at $700,000 for all Major League players.

Changes to the postseason have also been added. Previously, there were 10 teams that would enter the playoffs, but that has now been expanded to 12 teams. The top two division winners will also be granted first round byes, which means that they will automatically be moved onto the next playoff round without competing in the first round.

Other minor changes have also been made including player drafts, advertisements, and the inclusion of a universal designated hitter that would fill the pitcher’s spot on a batting lineup.

Previously, only the American League had implemented the designated hitter; however, this will no longer be the case and now both leagues will be allowed to replace a pitcher in the batting order.

With the 2022 MLB regular season having started so late in comparison to past seasons, it is still to be decided when the playoffs will begin, but the final day of the regular season has been set as Wednesday, October 5.