Easter around the world

Countries celebrate spring holiday in variety of ways


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Erika Mathilde Rolland Hoiden, Reporter

Easter is a Christian holiday, which celebrates the resurrection of Jesus. Easter and Christmas are the biggest Christian holidays.

Easter is typically associated with bunnies, candy and fun activities for kids such as egg hunts. Eggs symbolize a new beginning, which is why they are common decorations during the season. Today, Easter eggs are so much more than regular eggs. They are filled with custard, caramel and covered in delicious chocolate. Lots of countries celebrate with sweet or savory eggs prepared in a variety of ways during Easter.

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Egg recipe: Deviled Eggs

With ingredients such as mustard and vinegar, it is not embraced by everyone, but for those who like it, deviled eggs is a true delicacy. It is a classic appetizer for dinner parties and celebrations.





Cadbury Creme Egg. Do you eat the Easter candy handheld or with a spoon? (Delish.com)

The famous Cadbury Creme Egg is a classic Easter treat. Milk chocolate in the shape and size of an egg covers a white and yellow custard filling to resemble an actual egg. The sweet was launched by the British chocolate maker Fry’s in 1963. The company changed its name eight years later and the famous Cadbury egg was born. In the United States, it is Hershey’s who owns the rights to the Cadbury egg. Therefore, if you want the original recipe, you have to take a trip to Canada or England–although chocolate cream eggs are delicious no matter what!

Kites gives color to the sky on Good Friday in Bermuda. (PublicDomainPictures / Pixabay.com)

In France there is no Easter bunny, but rather magic bells leave treats for the kids. The egg hunt is on Sunday and is called La Chasse Aux Oeufs.

One of the spectacular ways to celebrate Easter in Bermuda is by flying kites. The British island territory has a tradition for flying kites on Good Friday. The kites color the sky and remind believers of the resurrection of Jesus. Usually there are races and fun awards to the best kites, too.

In the Scandinavian countries, crime novels and TV shows are very popular during Easter. In Norway people travel to their cabins in the mountains to go skiing, hiking and read and watch movies. Norwegian students have eight days of break over Easter. Kids are excited all week for the egg hunt at the end of the break. The egg hunt is typically a scavenger hunt for one big, candy-filled egg.

Sweet rolls (Freeimageslive.co.uk)In the UK, Hot Cross Buns are very popular during Easter. The name describes the white glaze that creates a cross on the top of the bun. The buns are made with a sweet yeast dough with dried fruits and spices. According to Good Food Ireland, the buns were believed to have healing powers to treat diseases. However, the cross buns can be traced back to before this and was then a symbol of spring. Either way the sweet bun is a tasty pastry.