Cardinals fly into spring football


Alexis Ware

Coleby Milam, Reporter

The first Cardinal football spring season has begun. Since Melissa will be competing at the University Interscholastic League (UIL) 5A-Division 2 level next school year, they can now participate in Spring Training.
The spring football season will go on for three weeks and end with a game on May 22. The season is mainly to keep all of the people in football in shape and start getting ready for the competitive fall season. It also helps prepare the new people for the team and helps them get to know everyone a little better.
At this point, the team has already gone through a whole week of having to be at the Championship Center by 6:15 every morning with lifting and walkthroughs after school. The only day they arrive later is Thursday at 7 a.m. Until about 8:45 each morning, they are going full speed in every football drill, getting ready for Friday Nights in the fall.
“I think spring football is an opportunity to show how bad you want to play on Friday night and how much you are willing to sacrifice for the team,” junior Aidan Pintor, varsity kicker, said. “I’m excited and preparing for fall camp to be a better me.”