President Trump Wastes No Time In His New Office

Wilson Gustaveson, Staff Writer

We all know President Trump’s iconic, “Let’s build a wall!” from his campaign, but it seems that this may actually happen. President Trump has filed an executive order to build a border wall between U.S.A. and Mexico, as first reported by CNN’s Jeremy Diamond. Construction has not started yet, but President Trump says that he will build the wall using federal funds, and plans to be reimbursed by Mexico.

Noah Strickland speaks his mind on Donald Trump building a wall. Strickland said, “I think that Trump building a wall will cause serious tension between foreigners and the U.S. but we will benefit from the wall in the long run”

President Donald Trump once seemed to be an extreme underdog, and pulled an extreme upset, especially considering some of the promises he made to his supporters. Apparently, saying things like, “A small loan of a million dollars” and “We got some bad hombres” actually paid off. It will definitely be an interesting four years.