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UPS Drone Deliveries

Isabella Coulombe, Staff Writer

April 3, 2017

In San Francisco, both the drone industry and federal regulators are years away from actual legal drone deliveries in the United States. But that has not stopped companies from testing possibilities, both to get the visual of...

Which Cleats are the Most Comfortable?

Dillon Youngblood, Staff Writer

April 3, 2017

The baseball players all wear different cleats. But which are the most comfortable? A lot of players are moving toward New Balance this year because they have made a good name for their company. Players on the team might wear...

High School Love: How Serious Is It?

Chloe Hockersmith, Reporter

April 3, 2017

Young love. Two words that mean so much to certain people, but are also looked down upon and not taken seriously by adults. Many people believe being in a relationship in high school is insignificant and does not mean as much...

April Horoscopes

Abby Christian, Reporter

April 3, 2017

Aries (March 21-April 19)- April is going to be a challenging month in school, but just know that school is almost over. You got this, finish the school year strong. Don’t lose hope because you can do this. Taurus (April 20-...

Student Profile : Kensey Kennedy

Katy Belanger, Editor

April 3, 2017

Her music says it all. Kensey Kennedy is a senior at CornerStone Christian Academy. She is top of her class, plays volleyball, sings with her school’s worship team, and is on her school’s cheer team. Not only does she excel...

Student Spotlight

Nick Lanier, Editor

February 20, 2017

Junior Uly Convento enjoyed a memorable night last week, as he scored his 1st goal for the Cardinal soccer team in a 4-0 rout of Paris North Lamar. The curling strike from around 20 yards out, was the final of the night, and rea...

New Bible Class

Carly Maisel, Reporter

February 20, 2017

Melissa has released that they will be offering a bible class. “The Bible as Literature” is the name of the new course. This course exposes students to the Hebrew Scriptures Old Testament and the New Testament which teaches...

Letter From The Editor: Hello Flannels

Ty Graham and Nick Lanier

February 3, 2017

In every person’s life, there a time where they believe they are younger and more hip than they actually are. This belief can manifest itself in several different ways, most of them unhealthy. Some people will go out and buy a to...

Title Loading Soon…

Delacy Dennis, Editor

January 31, 2017

An email was sent to the staff and administration at the high school which released information about the problematic internet. Teachers and students alike have complained about slow internet connections, but the problem persists....

A Deadly High: Teeangers, Drugs, and Alcohol

Abby Christian, Reporter

January 31, 2017

High school reveals to teenagers the bad things that exist throughout the world. During those four long years, teenagers are forced to decide whether they will be a part of a world that contains toxic things like drugs, cigarettes...

President Trump Wastes No Time In His New Office

Wilson Gustaveson, Staff Writer

January 31, 2017

We all know President Trump’s iconic, “Let’s build a wall!” from his campaign, but it seems that this may actually happen. President Trump has filed an executive order to build a border wall between U.S.A. and Mexico,...

6 Steps to Mend a Broken Heart

Aubrey Grantham, Reporter

January 31, 2017

Step one: Listen to music Listening to certain music can either get you in your “feels” or out. To begin, get out your “in the feels” playlist and cry to John Legend and Adele. After you get all your feels out, turn ...

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