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Dalynn Borges
Dalynn Borges, Junior, enjoys sports like activities such as cross country, wrestling, track, football, basketball, and soccer. He enjoys working out with his friends or by himself either way as long as he gets his grind on. He also enjoys relaxing, for example, his favorite way to relax is to sleep for up to 10 hours or watching tv while eating. He is a fairly friendly guy. He is easy to get along with, is quick to agitation. He can be overly confident at some points, and he also can be very impatient most of the time. He can handle pressure fairly well, but he doesn’t like sudden pressure. His confidence is based on the level of stress that he feels. In many situations, he feels no stress so, in turn, his confidence is that of a waterfall. But in high-stress situations, it’s more like the little drops of water that stay on when you forget to turn off the tap completely. He likes to joke around and also is sarcastic in general, so sometimes it seems like he’s not taking things seriously but in reality, he is. He loves to do almost anything to music. With music, he focuses on what he is supposed to do and actually gets the job done faster, that theory has been scientifically proven. Although without music and in general he can get easily distracted, if not presented with something in need of all of his attention. He also loves to create tons of ideas in his head all the time and if a problem arises usually he should be able to find a way to figure it out.


Dalynn Borges, Writer

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